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    Eliza Jones (wip ) Empty Eliza Jones (wip )

    Post by Saki on Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:25 pm

    First Name: Eliza

    Last Name: Jones

    Birthplace: United States


    Born in a simple family,she had her mother,father and a sickly twin brother.
    Despite her brother's weak health and her parents jobs keeping them abroad often,she
    had a good childhood spent with her grandfather. Her grandfather was very old-fashion and
    quiet paranoid that some kind of apocalypse or another was going to come in their lifetime,so
    he'd often try and teach the two to be prepared for it,and while they didn't quiet take him seriously they nevertheless let him teach them. When her brother was diagnosed with cancer through,Eliza would no longer have his company with her. Her parents took off from work and began devoting all their time to going to different hospitals in the US and abroad. Eliza through was still left with her grandfather.

    When her brother was lucky enough to be one of the 20 patients that was first given Canicad it seemed like things were finally looking up. Her brother was soon cured and her parents decided to take jobs that would involve staying closer to home this cancer ordeal like a wake-up call for them. Eliza left her grandfather and was able to live with her whole family. Despite how idyllic that short time seemed, in truth Eliza had trouble adjusting to it all,a new town,new school, living with so many people after just her grandfather company around the house,but she would never wish for what was about to happen.

    On October 17 her brother was taken away by government forces, they next day, Eliza came home to both her parents,their car,clothes and other things were gone. Unsure what to Eliza herself packed up what would be needed and began making her way to her grandfather.

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